The #HR team draws upon big expertise for small businesses, creating balance, harmony and a range of quality experiences within your workplace. Between us, we draw upon decades of experience within national and multinational companies, across areas including Human Resources, Design and Business Content.





Jennifer Gutwenger

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Jennifer Gutwenger

Jennifer Gutwenger is Principal Consultant at #HR and draws upon a seasoned background and credentials in corporate HR, deep working knowledge of best practice and an inclination to muse. She is the driver of #HR’s game-changing service offerings and the principal generator of its unique content and thought leadership.

Jennifer is an author at Smallville and writes for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry QLD – platforms where top professionals share their ideas,advice and knowledge with business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere.


Anna Black

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Anna Black

With an innate sense and understanding of HR underpinned by a strong background in commercial environments, Anna brings a natural authority and autonomy to her work.

While her personal approach is calm and pragmatic, she has a strong belief in helping staff maximise their potential to achieve the company vision and create an engaged and motivated workforce.

Her most recent role in senior HR with a major Australia retailer encompasses end to end recruitment, performance management, employee health and well-being, training facilitation, EA interpretation and advice on employment legislation. The role has accountability for over 1500 employees in 110 retail outlets throughout NSW and ACT.

A BAS certified agent with over 20 years’ book keeping experience, Anna has a calm and methodical approach to problem solving which she employs to great effect in senior level roles.



Carla Schesser

Carla Schesser Facebook Carla Schesser - Twitter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carla Schesser

Carla is much more than just digital project manager, combining cutting edge digital knowhow with the interpersonal skills to make the process enjoyable.

Specialising in strategy and the management of web design and content marketing platforms, she creates an online architecture for clients that is responsive to their needs whatever those are - whether brand building, marketing or simply growing an online presence and developing traction.

Working closely with clients, Carla is rigorous in defining end goals and working towards the optimal solutions. She has the business smarts to grasp client requirements and translate them to a solution which is not just spot-on, but goes beyond what was expected. Her natural empathy guides the client through the detail, and with personality, a drive for productivity, smarts and deep cutting edge knowhow, she’s a joy to work with on any project.

Carla’s recent projects include major Australian small business forum Smallville and our own fast-expanding #HR online presence.






Fiona Stocker

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Fiona Stocker

When not working on her own creative writing projects, Fiona Stocker works as a ghost writer, copywriter and editor on other people’s creative and business content.

She specialises in writing about lifestyle, tourism and travel, food and farming, small business and employment, and writes for clients across Australia.

Fiona combines a love of small business and many years running her own and her family’s, with a background in the corporate world, in executive search, where she worked on assignments for national clients, and across many other sectors.

A published author, Fiona is contributing writer for a national magazine about farming women and is a natural biographer.

Based in Tasmania, she is also a partner in her family’s farm and gourmet food business, Langdale Farm, and works in the tourism sector on regional tourism initiatives.

Fiona is represented by Curtis Brown literary agency.



Andy Collins

Australian Male Voice Over Artist - Web    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andy Collins

Andy Collins is #HR’s resident voice over specialist. With 5 years of radio experience and having produced over 500 instructional videos for his own training business, Andy Collins is no stranger to the microphone.

A vibrant voice filled with personality, Andy delivers voice overs to clients both local and international. The finished product is always professional and shaped for the target market.



Terry Louras Hoyle

Hills Web Design Facebook Hills Web Design - LinkedIn  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terry Louras Hoyle

Terry Louras Hoyle is Web Consultant and SEO Strategist at Hills Web Design, a boutique web development, design and marketing agency based in Sydney.

When she's not patiently creating beautiful, highly functional and effective websites, Terry is attentively researching and analysing the data that makes a difference to each strategic marketing campaign.

Combining over two decades of experience in web design, marketing and sales consulting, Terry's unique attention to detail and passion for all things digital is what makes her the ideal partner for all web based projects.

Her loyal client base is a testament to her ability to create long lasting relationships with all her clients.




#HR focuses on sharing resources, ideas and the best thinking with small business owners everywhere. We’re always on the look-out for likeminded, passionate people to tell their stories and contribute to helping small business owners grow. Read through our contributor guidelines below. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, follow the prompts and let’s go from there!





Before submitting your application to us, please read our guidelines below carefully to ensure the best chance of being accepted.

  • Small business and the people within – that’s our thing. We like articles about engagement – both employees and customers - business growth and increasing productivity, as well as system improvements and enhancements. If it’s not targeting small business, it’s probably not for us.
  • Tone is everything. We like articles to be informative, candid, a little quirky and interesting. Our readers love content that helps them grow but also inspires them!
  • 650 words is the max. We’re looking for clear and concise articles that deliver huge impact.
  • Don’t pitch the direct sale, promotion or endorsement of a product or service – that’s not what we’re sharing here.
  • Be original. We do not accept previously published content.
  • Formatting your article - a plain text word document is the way to go.
  • Plan to contribute for at least six months, one article per month. #HR likes to work with our contributors closely and develop lasting business relationships.
  • We retain the right to edit your article for clarity, flow and style.



Awesome, let’s start the application process. Send us a full, original article for review – this shows us you’re ready to have your work considered for publishing at #HR.





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