little black book vol 1 HR


Inside this digital download, you’ll find a number of human resource policies, guidance on best practice and ways to handle common events, when you’re recruiting and selecting new employees. It also contains some articles with the current thinking on these topics, to bring them alive for you.

Take a peek inside for a full view of this volume's contents. Expect to see great topics covered - position descriptions, police checks, selection process, on-boarding and probation, as well as work trials and internships. Plenty more too!

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little black book vol 2 HR


This digital download covers many of the requirements centred around employment relationships. It includes ready to use policies and best practice suggestions in the areas of workplace provisions, employment conditions and the administration that surrounds your statutory obligations.

Take a sneak peek for a full view of the contents. Expect to see many topics on compliance covered - privacy and confidentiality, parental leave, flexible working arrangements, appearance and uniforms and termination of employment. Plenty more on ways to keep your employee's engaged too!





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Little Black Book VOL 1 | RECRUITMENT

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