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Inspire by Example! And Keep Your Team Tight in Tough Times


Building a team is one of those things that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, consistent effort and energy. And here’s the rub - Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your team can surely dissolve in one, in these fast-paced, demanding times!

When you’ve invested in building a team culture that hums along with everyone working towards the same goals, the last thing you want is to come unstuck and find the team hasn’t bonded or doesn’t perform when you really need them to.

So how to keep everyone inspired, realising their true potential and producing great results all of the time – and coming through the tough times intact? Do you have a strategy that keeps the working atmosphere in tip top condition and the team outshining your competitors?

These few tips should help you achieve this goal.


Nobody likes long and tedious meetings, but it’s essential to keep everyone in the loop. So run team management meetings, but keep them short and to the point!

And then break your own rule. Because team meetings shouldn’t just be about status reports. No, they have a higher purpose. They give you a chance to truly engage with your employees, learn about their ideas, inspirations and also their individual goals – which may well align with your own in the business.

Team members appreciate the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights. They also need that regular get-together to discuss and solve any issues they’ve encountered on project work or in day-to-day business.

Meet weekly or regularly as an integral part of your business and your team development,  and everyone feels like they’re heading in the same direction – and the right one.


One of the main causes of frustration and disenchantment among team member is undoubtedly a loss of direction and the lack of a sense of purpose. There’s nothing more frustrating for an employee than not knowing what their key roles and responsibilities are in a particular project, what’s expected of them to accomplish that next step in the project’s development.

Everyone needs to know where they’re heading! So keep them on track, ask them what they need to know. And then make sure they have the guidance, support and understanding they need to do the job.

When times are tough, you may need to handle such situations in more of a hands-on manner. Help out directly, offer extra guidance or provide the necessary specialised equipment for the job. Whatever you do, you’re helping your team to get the job done, and maximise their potential. That’s a win for you both.


Teams can be encouraged in different ways. Providing essential tools and excellent working conditions resonates deeply with people and keeps team spirits consistently high. But make sure you top that up with the occasional word of praise. We all like to know that our work is valued, and that what we’re doing has a positive impact on workflow and ultimate outcomes. But we like to hear that we’ve done good as individuals too!

Get to know what form of praise and feedback each individual appreciates best. Some may get the biggest boost in self-confidence by being praised publicly in front of others. Make sure you have a good word to say for the team too on these occasions! Other individuals may appreciate a private thank-you note more. Either way, praise is a great motivator. It helps everyone in the team to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and it stimulates us to invest even more of ourselves into a project.


True leaders, besides having the right knowledge and skillset for the industry they’re in, should also inspire. And that goes beyond the rigours and requirements of the job. It means being a well-rounded individual, empathetic to others and caring of oneself. It means looking after your business, your people and those additional things which are no less important, like your health and mental wellbeing.

Sleep, stress and work-life balance are all easy to manage. It’s now well known that being a

t the top of our game in this way fires our creative processes and concentration. Lead by example and make sure your team are looking after themselves too in this regard.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find yourself stepping into the shoes of one who not only leads but also truly inspires by example.


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