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#HR is boutique. We develop long term, authentic relationships with a big focus on longevity – in the development of your people, in your procedural frameworks, and in forming a culture of fairness, predictability and deep satisfaction within your workplace.

We keep things fresh, contemporary and sometimes surprising. Our clients are small business owners, often highly entrepreneurial – game changers and broad thinkers. That said, they still look to implement sustainable solutions rooted in Best Practice.

That’s where our focus always lies – in Best Practice. We believe in providing the highest quality assistance so you can maximise your businesses growth and development.

Our approach to your small business is always to recommend current workplace standards – with candidness and transparency. And then we go beyond. Not only do we provide the structured support you need for continuous improvement, we’ll also keep our finger on the pulse by bringing you all the current trends and thinking via our blog  and resources.




#HR Business Partners are university qualified and current members of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI).

Collectively they draw on decades of industry experience, in both national and multi-national companies, and continue to build their portfolio of experience with regular attendance at training and networking forums.





Here’s a snapshot of the many ways in which we advance our clients’ business and operations. We aim to help you stay contemporary, recruiting and retaining the best workforce, keeping you and your people at the top of the game. We offer each as a one-off or regular service, always tailored to your small business requirements.

  • Performance Management Systems
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership and organisational values and development
  • HR policies and procedures
  • HR Compliance
  • Climate, culture and change management
  • Team and talent development
  • Best practice implementation
  • HR project management and special projects -recruitment support, meeting audit requirements, corporate volunteering and donations – and more
  • Design and content development of in-house and promotional print and digital material




There are moments in any small business, where a sounding board is needed. The reasons business owners come to us vary as much as the businesses into which we consult. It can be useful to discuss your leadership style from time to time, that reflection leading to more effective communication with your employees.

Dealing with recurring problems in the workplace without expert help can be disheartening – it’s helpful to have that expertise on call for a time. We can also ease the burden of setting process and procedural changes in place after an incident which highlights that changes are required.

You may not necessarily need on-going HR support, but rather a confidential chat with an HR Business Partner - an independent and trusted consultant to consolidate your ideas and guide you to best practice. We offer this service as a one–off, or packaged annually so you have the freedom to connect any time.




#HR Design and Content tailors your workplace to suit your business’ core values – your own personal Grand Designs for the office.

We help you design changes to your workspace which genuinely enhance performance. We’re flexible in the solutions we offer you but always assure you of one thing – a better, more welcoming and productive place to work.

We can help with individual components of your workspace such as sourcing furniture, upgrading a kitchen, window dressing and design, short term lease fit outs and mezzanine levels. #HR can support most projects and make changes which have your workplace looking wonderful, operating smoothly and admired by all.

#HR also has strong partnerships with a select creative team including web and graphic designers, and copy writers and editors. This enables us to redesign and improve any and all of the online or print material you produce, lifting it to another level.

Our collaborative team works on projects including web content and development, proposals, business award submissions and newspaper advertisements. Perhaps your brochures need a refresh - the attentions of a professional editor is guaranteed to make a difference. In these days of online connectivity, many businesses are producing e-books or downloadable PDFs. To maximize these and make them into quality products, we recommend using the services of a team of professionals. Exemplary writing and design sets you apart, enabling your business to make the greatest impact first time round.

#HR supports the entire process from design to construct on your behalf.


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