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  • Small business and the people within – that’s our thing. We like articles about engagement – both employees and customers - business growth and increasing productivity, as well as system improvements and enhancements. If it’s not targeting small business, it’s probably not for us.
  • Tone is everything. We like articles to be informative, candid, a little quirky and interesting. Our readers love content that helps them grow but also inspires them!
  • 650 words is the max. We’re looking for clear and concise articles that deliver huge impact.
  • Don’t pitch the direct sale, promotion or endorsement of a product or service – that’s not what we’re sharing here.
  • Be original. We do not accept previously published content.
  • Formatting your article - a plain text word document is the way to go.
  • Plan to contribute for at least six months, one article per month. #HR likes to work with our contributors closely and develop lasting business relationships.
  • We retain the right to edit your article for clarity, flow and style.




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